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Vituð ér enn, eða hvat?
Would you know more, or what?

Asatru-U develops and publishes Asatru (Germanic Heathen) courses for different kinds of students; for different levels of rigor and abstraction; and for directed and independent study. We operate loosely under the umbrella of the Reeves Hall of the Frigga's Web Association. Our discussion archives and drafts are on Yahoo! Groups.

If you would like to help develop courses, sign up for the Asatru-U mailing list at Yahoo! Groups (visit or send e-mail to or e-mail the coordinator.

If you would like help with your Asatru studies, ask the Heathen Mentors, a group of slightly more experienced heathens, who have volunteered to answer questions, and generally reach out a helping hand to people who want someone to talk to about heathenry.

Course Catalog

Name Description

Beginner's Course

This self-study program is designed for people who have a strong interest in Asatru and want to learn about the gods, rituals, and central ideas of Heathen religion. We expect that most people will take between three and six months to complete the entire course. When you have finished, you should have a good basic knowledge of:
  • the gods and goddesses of Asatru
  • other beings we honor (e.g., land-spirits)
  • the main rituals of Asatru (blót and sumbel)
  • the concept of Wyrd ("fate")
  • Heathen ideas about the soul and afterlife
  • the modern Heathen community - its ideals, organizations, and differences
  • types of magic practiced by some Asatruar

Intermediate Survey

Under development

A Heathen Goes to the Movies

Under development

Bit of History

Under development

Reading List

We do not have an Asatru-U specific list of references yet. We have been using Groa's List of Recommended Heathen Reading on the Medoburg Kindred web site.

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